The penultimate app to track and catalog your pens, inks, and what you've got ink'd up.

Organize Your Collection

Organize your pen and ink collections along with what combinations you are currently using.

Dig Into the Details

View details about your pens and inks such as brand, nib grind, ink color, and date purchased.

Statistics and History

View statistics about your collection and keep a history of what you have inked up in the past.

Filter your current carry

Easily keep track of what pens are ready to use or need to be cleaned.


Customize Penedex with custom icons for a look that works for you.


Add a pen or ink to your wishlist to save it for later so you can keep track of your grail pens.


Find a custom color theme that fits your personality.

Widgets Coming Soon

You will soon be able to keep track of our libraries from the homescreen of your iOS device.